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Acelle Email Marketing Web Application v3.0.10

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Acelle Email Marketing Web Application v3.0.2

Acelle is a self hosted, full-featured, easy to use Email Marketing Web Application written in PHP that lets you send high-volume marketing or transaction emails via your own server or through other email service provider.

3.0.10 / 2017-08-22

* Fixed: payment issue with Stripe/Braintree
* Fixed: tax billing information is configurable, no longer compulsory
* Fixed: license verification does not work in certain cases
* Fixed: speed up campaigns listing
* Fixed: speed up subscribers counting
* Fixed: automation trigger for date in the past
* Fixed: reduce the number of SQL queries
* Fixed: retain custom translation when upgrading
* Added: allow resending a campaign
* Added: support SendGrid subuser
* Added: support sending a campaign again
* Added: support service
* Added: support importing subscribers via CLI


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