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SocioQuiz v2.0 – Viral Quiz website with Facebook login

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Have you ever seen your friends sharing posts like “Where should you actually live?” or “What career were you actually meant for?” or “How old are you at heart?” or even “What kind of dog are you?” ?
You should have seen many if you are active on Facebook.
Believe it or not, they are so viral! Hundreds of thousands of people visit those sites every day to try and share these fun quizzes.


Released on 23 April, 2017

Updating from an older version? Get the update-patch and instructions here:

Facebook viral app style quizzes with user’s Facebook profile picture on result images.
Upgraded to Laravel 5.3
Result based points for leaderboard. Add different points for each result to be rewarded when the user gets that result.
Added complete “https” support
Added plugins system
Added Auto quiz start
Added ability to override several quiz configurations per quiz:
Enable/disable share lock
Show correct answer after every question
Show correct answers at the end of the quiz
Added ability to set custom “Start quiz” button text for each quiz.
Added One Click Update from admin panel. It will help us roll out frequent updates and makes applying updates easier.


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