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Tinsta v1.1 – A Photo Sharing Social Networking Platform

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Tinsta is a web based photo sharing social networking platform, it allows you to share photos, videos with your followers like instagram.

Version 1.1

– Added Story features like facebook and instagram
– Lazy loading of images
– Settings to manage features
– Ability to disable video upload, embed link, story
– Added GIF support to embed photo feature
– Added Inline post people suggestions
– Improved user interest in explore posts and new option to use it user feed post lists
– Added privacy for profile (Private profile), message
– Added welcome email
—Fixed GIF image height on post page
—Fixed Grid post when click use to do silent ajax link
—Fixed issue with HTTPS
—Fix issue with forgot email sending
—Fixed issue with follow mail
—Fixed username issue, currently bad userrname members will need to be updated manually or deleted


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